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Military Hummer

Military Hummer
Military hummer being airlifted in
the middle east

If you have ever looked enviously at beautiful camouflaged green military hummers or Humvees, as they are called, perhaps you are thinking of owning one of these beauties. As a matter of policy, old military hummers are not sold to the public directly. They are mostly sold as scrap. The only other option is to start looking for military surplus hummers. Officially, you can NEVER own a driveable military hummer. The Department of Defense states that these vehicles do not pass the DOT standards and are therefore not to be let loose on the highways. So, used military hummers are usually sold as scrap.

But, every once in a while, production surpluses leak through the tight security and find their way to the common man. These can be legally owned. The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service is the place where the military vehicle becomes available to civilians. The DRMS makes Military Surplus Hummers available to other branches of the Defense services, military bodies, and state and local governments. Some charitable organizations are also included in this list. Specific bodies with authorizations are also allowed into this elite group. Before the goods reach the DRMS, the cream of the surplus Hummers is purchased by other agencies. Sooner or later, these find their way to the public.

If you are wondering where to look, you may be able to spot various websites or companies that sell military surplus hummers. These may not be legal. Some companies that trade goods with the U.S. military get military surplus hummers in return. These are then procured by private individuals or companies and resold. Of course, all this increases the price tag of the military surplus hummer. Surplus military hummers start at U.S $ 19,000 and can go up to U.S $ 30,000 depending upon the model and the make. Due to increasing safety concerns, the government will not sell Humvees to the public directly. These have to be obtained through companies or intergovernmental agencies that have them. Many times, it is easier to get a reconstructed Military Surplus Hummer. Many private traders are remodeling the military surplus hummer with newer and better parts.

You must also make sure that you buy the vehicle with a SF97 form. This is the United States Government Certificate to obtain the title deeds of a surplus vehicle. Without possessing this form, you cannot show legal ownership of the military surplus hummer.

Most people who are able to afford converting a military surplus hummer are in the super rich category. This is mostly because the Military version of the Hummer has been built to withstand the harsh conditions of the forest, jungle and military landscape. The Military surplus hummer leaks, and most people would not appreciate water dripping on them when it rains. The vehicle also makes harsh riding on smooth roads. There is little room or comfort within the military surplus hummer. The very size of the military surplus hummers makes it an intimidating buy for the common man who has to traverse busy, narrow interstate roads. The huge tires of the vehicles thud and crash over bumps. Acceleration in the Humvee is a long and tedious process, almost taking forever. The speed of the military surplus Hummer builds up very slowly to reach desirable limits.

It has to be understood that Military Hummers have been built primarily for off the road driving. That is why the vehicle is so rugged, noisy, creaky and strong. Rehashing a military surplus hummer can be very expensive. Many people have come to identify the military hummer as America - tough, rugged and strong. For most, it is the pride of ownership that instigates them to buy a military surplus hummer. For those who collect rare vehicles for fun of ownership and do not intend the vehicle to be seen on the highways, the military surplus hummer is a priceless possession, more so because it is so rare.

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Pictures courtesy of U.S Army
Military Hummer